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"A perfect event for our group of 20 business leaders. Energising, fun, simple and at times profound too. Expertly led ba the wonderful
Stephan Rigert."
Todd Eden, Bluestag Leadership Ltd

"Our team was thrilled by this drumming event. Not only the drumming, but also the explanations were absolutely competent, interesting and the connection between drumming and work impressed us! SUPER!!!"
Doris Bucher, Vetropack AG

"The team event was great! All, really all participants could be involved and inspired by the sympathetic, open-minded manner of Stephan Rigert. He brought our team day to a wonderful, very motivating and inspiring conclusion. Thank you very much!"

Bettina Vetsch, Swisscom (Switzerland) AG

"The drum event with our department was a complete success in every respect! Under the direction of Manuel Siebs, 50 people, looking both expectant and sceptical, transformed themselves in a very short time from hesitant beat-setters to a powerful ensemble of drummers playing together. A big compliment to Manuel! He knows in a very competent and playful way how to get the people out of themselves and carry them along, his enthusiasm and liveliness are fully contagious. An unforgettable experience - positive long-term effect guaranteed!"
Bettina Trachsel, PRA, University of St.Gallen 


"What an awesome and powerful team event we had! Everyone, with no exception, enjoyed the drum workshop so much. It was such a pleasure to see everyone's face lighten up into so much laughter and fun. This activity created positive energy, it created a synchronized team-work, it created new leaders that maybe didn't know they could "lead". A collaboration through good listening and keeping the pace. A big thank you to Manuel Siebs!!! You made our day with your enthusiasm, your playful spirit and not to mention the incredible drumming skills, which we could have listened to the whole evening long. All organization, from the starting email contact to delivery of material and the team event itself, were impeccable. It was a pleasure and an absolute success and I would repeat it right away with other teams."
Lisa Giuri, Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

"We are very enthusiastic about the drumming event and everyone had a lot of fun. Thanks to Stephan Rigert's positive charisma and motivation, we put together a piece of music in such a short time that made all participants shine and actively participate!" 

Annette Schegg, UBS

"We had a perfect day in Solothurn, which culminated in the drumming workshop. Stephan Rigert skilfully built a bridge between music/collaboration in the orchestra and the business world. We also had a lot of fun and a very instructive drumming lesson. The workshop participants were extremely enthusiastic about the way he introduced us to drumming."
Bénédicte Piédallu, Direct Mail Company AG

"The drum orchestra is absolutely recommendable! Working on something together with a lot of fun and vividly experiencing that a team that ticks to the same beat is much more successful! A special feature is the workshop leader himself, who is able to motivate a team in a very inspiring way and with a lot of humour!"
Nicole Binder, Axa Winterthur

"Everything worked out very well and the people had a lot of fun drumming. I received only positive feedback from the 80 participants. Many thanks to Manuel Siebs, he did a really great job!"
Jasmine Hüsler, Schindler Elevator Ltd.

"We really enjoyed the event! The group is still talking about it today and we haven't forgotten the rhythm. We were able to laugh a lot and the group was relaxed but full of energy! Thank you again, just great! You put it across in such a humorous way. I will definitely recommend you to others!"
Sandra Gonzale Juarez, Hoffman-La Roche Ltd

"Thank you very much for your great work on Saturday. The clients were totally enthusiastic and chose your workshop as the "highlight of the day". You seem to have managed to get people excited about drumming in a relaxed and likeable way! A big compliment! It was a pleasure working with you! We will advertise for you whenever possible and will of course be happy to come back to you for new commissions of this kind."
Christine Tenti, Yes We Plan

"We had a super evening with Mr Siebs. He was absolutely competent, open-minded and was able to inspire the group with his fresh manner. Our employees all enjoyed it and appreciated it very much. Thank you very much that everything went so smoothly and professionally!"
Nicole Meyer, Spitex Aarebrügg

"The whole team is absolutely thrilled with the drum event. The rhythms, the group dynamics, the power and the energy - everything was perfect! Stephan Rigert's relaxed and witty manner motivated the whole group and ensured a good atmosphere. We were also enthusiastic about the Senegalese soloist. The whole organisation was quick and uncomplicated. We will recommend this event with conviction."
Bahar Isik, PH Zurich  

"Stephan Rigert did a great job. He immediately recognised that our group included people from German-speaking Switzerland as well as French-speaking Switzerland and was able to convey everything in both languages without any problems. On behalf of all of us, a very big thank you!"
Sonja Bangerter, Allianz

"Super organised, delivered with incredible energy and fun, straightforward and friendly. A great experience, from A to Z!!!!"

Jeanneret Nicolas, Die Mobiliar IT 

"The drumming event was a huge success. The employees were able to release the pent-up emotions that developed on that day through drumming and found their way back to each other as a group. We will definitely book the event again. Thank you very much for everything."

Nicole Cabello, Hoffmann La Roche AG

"The drumming session was a complete success, the hour went by far too quickly. Stephan Rigert knew how to pull all participants along and uncover some "talents". I can highly recommend the teambuilding exercise, even for "anti-musicians"."

Silvia Horlacher, Swiss Re

"Thank you very much for the teambuilding event. Stephan Rigert did the event "Together Tactfully Forward" at our place yesterday and we all enjoyed it enormously. It was great! We would book this team event again anytime." 

Nelly Schmitt, Ecolab Europe GmbH

"Under the guidance of Stephan Rigert, drumming supports the participants of leadership courses in their self-perception and perception of leadership behaviour by others."
Elvira Porrini, Leadership Training and Consulting

"The drumming event was super class! With 47 students new to their studies, Stephan Rigert was able to work in a professional way in a way that was also fun. He paired humour with a way of leading and responding flexibly to the audience that also made watching and listening fun. The students were animated and worked together, which helps a lot to give a get-to-know-you day the right kick to start. I can recommend the musician anytime."

Bettina Koller, Mittelland College of Technology

"This event inspired the whole team across all staff levels and language barriers."

Katja Flück, RESO Partners AG

"The drumming was a lot of fun for us. Stephan Rigert inspired the whole company and gave us a great amusing hour. Many thanks for the great event - we can only recommend it."

Elvirea Rosati, IMS Health

"The drum event exceeded our expectations. The programme was ideal to switch off, try something new and just have fun."
Barbara Aeschbacher, Swiss Reinsurance Company

"It was a unique and successful experience. Stephan Rigert understood how to connect with management with small precise statements. All participants fully participated and enjoyed during these two hours. Thank you very much!"

Xavier Naef, Schlössli Biel-Bienne AG

"A top event for ALL, here is some feedback; The drumming was really fun! I could have kept beating the drum for hours! It was really super!"
Barbara Chevallier, Archaeological Service of the Canton of Bern

"We can only recommend the drumming for an event with clients. Everyone had a lot of fun and it was great to see how a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere immediately developed, which lasted until the end of the event."

Marianne Frei, crealistic ag

"The event exceeded our expectations by far. Everyone was enthusiastic and really "hit the ground running"."

Ezio Selmi-Frey, DTG International GmbH

"All 70 participants enjoyed it very much! They were thrilled! The highlight was of course the two mustard readers who gave their solo. I can recommend the workshop in any case!"
Caroline Meier, CSS

"Many thanks for the successful drum event! There was a lot of scepticism beforehand. However, it was fascinating how quickly the trainer got people on board and created a good sound with us. The hour was over in no time. It was a very good experience to try something completely new together!"

Laura Grüter Bachmann, Swisslos, intercant. National Lottery

"The drumming was a very successful event for our team. Although there were still slight inhibitions at the beginning, the rhythms captivated even the last sceptics at the end. Of course, the two hours were a feat of concentration, but it was amazing what we were able to achieve as a team in terms of drumming! Thank you very much!!!"
Ursula Itin, Centre for Addiction Medicine

"Thank you very much for the successful drumming event! Thanks to the motivating manner of the trainer, we all experienced a rousing and coherent drumming experience within a very short time. The Senegalese drummers really let it rip at the end, so that we all left the event highly enthusiastic, with lots of new energy and a smile on our faces. Don't miss it!"

Verena Flohr, Ernst & Young AG

"The event was really great, we can highly recommend it."
Brigitte Grogg, Bernafon AG

"Drums and Percussion was a very successful event!!! The initially sceptical and questioning looks of the employees turned into a joyful and fun round! This team-building opportunity is highly recommended. Thank you very much for this experience!"

Ylenia Galante, Arbonia AG

"Yesterday we held a drumming event here in Basel. I wanted to let you know that the event was suuuuuper organised and also led. We had a great time and I'm sure our department will never forget the event!"

Sonja Weiler, Novartis Pharma AG

"Our drum event with the percussion professional and the Senegalese soloist was really super! All participants were absolutely thrilled - the drum teacher really knew how to fascinate all participants - even the not very musical ones - and lead them to a tactful finale! It was a really great experience, engaging and bonding. We would do it again at any time!

We wish you continued success and thank you again very much."

Eveline Bohnenblust, Basel City Health Service

"Since this musical event was announced as a surprise, it's great that almost all employees nevertheless got involved in this unknown adventure - and then just had fun making music with colleagues. Trying something new and joining in was the order of the day. Many employees were completely in their element. The musician has not only turned his hobby into a profession,

he is not only a good percussionist, but also a great judge of character who is as good with words as he is with a drum. The F&S staff thanked him with an overwhelming applause for this unique experience!"

Alexander Kredt, ZAHW

"The event was SUPER! All participants were enthusiastic and would like to see a repeat of the event. Best thanks to all, especially to the organiser!"
Gaetano Russo, Griesser AG

"The planned surprise effect on the occasion of our staff event was perfect! Within a very short time, the workshop leader, with his humorous and motivating manner, succeeded in drawing those present under the spell of the drums. The fiery rhythms triggered an incomparable group dynamic, so that a coherent and rousing drum concert soon emerged and everyone had a lot of fun and joy. At the end, the Senegalese drum team triggered total enthusiasm. The drum event was a complete success and will be remembered by all staff as an unforgettable evening. We can recommend the drum event with conviction."

Heinz Kohler, Director Psychiatric Services, Solothurn

"Thank you very much for your absolutely rousing morning! After a somewhat sleepless party night, you woke up our team in an extremely likeable way, made them laugh and concentrate and, above all, welded them together strongly for the subsequent challenge. You provided the right team feeling and the right dynamics - each individual was part of a strong orchestra and knew that if one drum played incorrectly, the harmony of the whole would be ruined. That power we felt as a group was magical! Thank you so much!"
Stephanie Striedelmeyer, Procter & Gamble

"Once again, many thanks for the great performance yesterday! Of course, this also applies to the two drumming colleagues. You provided a very good balance to the day's programme for our group, everyone was enthusiastic and raved about it to those who "skipped" at dinner. Thank you very much, we will recommend you to others!"
Dennis Morlock, ITI Centre

"The event was a complete success and I had exclusively positive feedback. People are still talking about it today :-) Thank you very much!"

Daniela Bütikofer, T-Systems Switzerland AG

"We had a lot of fun! We drummed like wild animals, forgot about everyday life and felt like we were on holiday. It put a smile on many a face for the whole evening and the fascination was palpable!
The moderation was professional with great and infectious joy. It was a totally heartfelt hour! A thousand thanks!"

Nicole Kropf, Crucell Switzerland AG

"The event exceeded our expectations. The programme was ideal to switch off a bit and just have fun. We also received only positive feedback from other employees."

Rafaela Eiholzer, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd.

"The drumming event was super! Everyone involved was enthusiastic and participated very actively. Through his infectious manner, Stephan Rigert understood how to cast a spell over all those present! In short, it was exactly THE RIGHT thing for our seminar!"

Ursina Gartmann Bordji, SBB Corporate Legal Service

"The drum orchestra is absolutely recommendable! Working on something together with a lot of fun and vividly experiencing that a team that ticks to the same beat is much more successful! A special feature is the workshop leader himself, who is able to motivate a team in a very inspiring way and with a lot of humour!"
Ursi Keller, Misapor Management AG

"At the end of our bi-annual Integral Management System - Seminar we promoted the team spirit with "drumming and percussion". We would like to thank you for the smooth running. Immediately you could feel the teacher's enthusiasm, which had taken hold of everyone after a short time. Everyone took home the experience that "it sounds better together and is more fun". The icing on the cake were the soloists (they were a real hit). Thank you again."
Thomas Wyss, Implenia Bau AG

"Last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting the drumming event. The event was a huge success for me and our team. The passion and enthusiasm of the drum instructor spilled over to us one hundred percent. Thank you again!"

Dennis van Geenen, H. Otth AG

"The Drumming and Percussion event went smoothly and our team loved it. Our host was professional, ethusiastic and very well prepared.

Thank you! Also big thank you to the team for your great support finding a team event for Zurich at such short notice!"

Marikka Mehserle, Zurich Insurance Company

"The programme "Drums and Percussion" went down well with the Swissconsultants people and I think everyone enjoyed it. I found the duration just right. The African drummers' performance was of course the highlight!"

Tanja Schütz, Swiss Consultants

"The fact that all employees were allowed to demonstrate their team spirit and sense of tact by means of African drumming yesterday evening was a well-kept secret until that evening and thus a successful surprise. Within a few minutes, an incomparable dynamic was released and the group transformed into a drumming ensemble in a concert of stirring music. This relaxed atmosphere defined the entire evening. It was a successful evening that I'm sure all employees will remember for a long time."

Sarah Oerer, Axpo Suisse AG

"The surprise team event was a complete success! In a relaxed atmosphere, the event leader introduced the participants to the world of drumming, which was foreign to most of them. His enthusiasm and verve was transmitted to the whole team, and so a 4-part rhythm was practised together in just under an hour. The time flew by! But the event continued to have an effect for a long time and stimulated positive discussions. A successful event in every respect and highly recommended - thank you again!"
Mirjam Rüegg, ZKB

"Our "Drumming and Percussion" event was a great success for everyone involved. We would do it again anytime."

Christa Eisele, Axima

"Simply super! The participants were all very enthusiastic and we can only recommend drumming! The coach gave us the opportunity to discover a foreign world as well as playing in a team within one hour.
We will never forget Daga Dugu Bum Bum and wish the drumming teacher continued success."

Catherine Missland, Manor

"We were thrilled with the drum event. It was great fun and illustrated the basics of teamwork very well for us (focus on yourself, tune in to the team, tune back in). The event was well organised and we were surprised to get such a good "sounding" result (4 voiced piece) in such a short time. The positive mood of the leader was contagious and we laughed a lot. The interaction in the circle created a closeness (cohesion) between the participants. All in all, a super event with lots of enthusiasm, power and energy. Absolutely recommended!"

Sonia Boutaghane, Swisscom AG

"Our event was a super thing! Everyone involved, young and old, was very enthusiastic. Within just a few minutes, we managed to play a drum piece together in four voices and with different variations, which no one would have thought possible before. The event leader did a great job. With his open, sympathetic, funny and motivating manner, he easily managed to draw us all under the spell of the drums. I would not have thought it possible that drumming in a team is so much fun and that everyone involved can get so carried away. I can only recommend this to everyone, in my opinion success is guaranteed."

Aeberhard Roland, Swisscom (Switzerland) AG

"The participants were absolutely thrilled - the trainer really knew how to "pick up" all the participants and lead them to a fun finale! Many thanks also to Ms Eggenschwiler, who originally advised me so well and "guided" me to this event."

Rita Reichlin, Cham Paper Group

"The drum event was great fun for all of us and we will remember it for a long time. Rhythmic greetings and many thanks."

Isabelle Spaar, IT Department of the Canton of Lucerne

"The drum and percussion event was an absolute success, sweeping away even the worst sceptics after the first few beats. At the end of the session there were only beaming faces. We can only recommend the event to others."
Silvia Birtel, Mark Andy

"Cette animation avec des tambours (Trommelevent) a été une réussite. En l'espace de 90 minutes, nous sommes parvenus à jouer en groupe et en rythme. It was very enjoyable and a good exercise to create a team spirit. Je suis très satisfait de la prestation, merci."

Pascal Barras, cc energie sa

"The event was a complete success. All participants (30) were enthusiastic, which is particularly noteworthy as we are a technology company and our employees prefer to read circuit diagrams rather than be creative. When the programme was announced, the first reaction of our employees was therefore rather "somewhat negative". This attitude evaporated after the first drumbeats and ended in pure enthusiasm. We would recommend the workshop to others at any time or even like to do it again ourselves!"

Claus Reusch, Agilent Technologies

"The drumming event was a huge success. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the event myself, but the feedback was excellent. Initially, there was a lot of scepticism, but the trainer knew how to quickly draw people into the rhythm and inspire them. Everyone had a lot of fun. Many thanks for this successful change!"

Cornelia Flury, Prionics AG

"The coach understood very well how to motivate the group to drum and participate within a short time. Everyone had fun at this event. I will definitely book this event again at another time and have already been busy advertising it."
Solange Bachmann, Swisscom AG

"The Djembe drumming will have a lasting effect on our company, I am sure of it. Since yesterday, I have received only positive and pleasing feedback about the drumming event. We were able to get people to cross a bridge together, in unison and with a lot of fun! Everything was super, full of vibes!"
Joël Mory, edi Entsorgungsdienste AG

"The drum event was a complete success. Bravo! All participants (from 25 to 60) found this event very entertaining.
As a loosening up and still with a concrete statement (every team contribution is important, even those who don't do simple team contributions or don't do them correctly haven't fulfilled) I can recommend this event with a clear conscience to everyone."

Romann Jörg, OBT AG

"It was an unexpectedly positive experience. Unexpected because at the beginning one or the other participant was a bit critical about drumming. But after the 2 hours I saw enthusiastic and beaming faces everywhere. Hardly anyone in our group would have expected that we could achieve such a great performance in such a short time, playing 4 rhythms at the same time. It was really fun!"
Monika Löscher, UBS AG

"The "drum session" was the resounding success of the day! With a great deal of skill, enthusiasm and wit, the musician provided the 50 or so participants with a fantastic and unforgettable drumming and team experience - thank you very much!"
Michaela Fritz, Agency for Events

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