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Competence, authenticity, joy, power, enthusiasm, transparency and creativity

Under the guidance of internationally successful coaches, who themselves have been deeply immersed in the subject as professional artists for many years, we enable your team to have an unforgettable rhythm and music experience. Whether for team development, kick-off meetings, company anniversaries or private events, Drumevents guarantees you team power, success and fun!

We demand the highest professional competence, authenticity and "living joy of playing" from ourselves. What also distinguishes us are many years of international experience, a sophisticated concept, humour, charisma and rhetorical skills, which successfully aim to encourage all participants to "play along" with ease. On the one hand, we work systematically and purposefully, but at the same time we promote a playful, humorous workshop atmosphere in which "falling out of rhythm" or "discord" are not a problem. This makes it possible for your team to independently interpret a polyphonic drum or music piece in a surprisingly short time. And it is precisely this unique experience (of being a supporting member of an orchestra) that guarantees enthusiasm and positive "resonance". 

You will not hear any textbook motivational phrases from us. We also distance ourselves from animation events on the level of a tourist party at the hotel pool. Hobby coaches who are only superficially familiar with the subject matter are just as taboo with us as any form of finger-pointing didactics, sandbox psychology or esoteric feel-good drumming.
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